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    July 9, 2013
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on the poll. you think george zimmerman is guilty or not? good night. it? >> then you should? >> debate it. >> and then you should punish people who watch anything especially. >> hello, everybody. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> the jury was dismissed moments ago at the george zim r zimmerman murder trial down in there from. the defense has just announced they could rest their case as early as tomorrow. today dr. vincent de mayo testified for both sides. he said that zimmerman could sustained his injuries by being hilt in the face. >> this is consistent with a
possible displaced fracture. >> is the injury you see in this exhibit consistent, this exhibit 79, consistent with having been punched in the nose? >> yes. >> he's got blood thinner, right? >> right. >> i put the hand over that, right? >> okay. >> what do you expect my hand to have on it? >> blood. >> de mayo then went on to explain there could be multiple reasons for the absence of blood. >> where that blood goes may depend on the position that your head is in? >> yes. >> and would the fact that it was raining to some degree, could that also affect whether or not there is biological or dna ed collected from mr. martin's hands? >> that's true. >> or perhaps even if they may have been washed prior to being photographed? >> that's why the forensic pathologist is supposed to be
with the body from the time it comes in. >> yes. all right, so this was significant testimony today, in fact for both sides, but i think it was compelling for the jury because he is a well regarded expert, he has 40-plus years, his character, his ability, his reputation is above reproach, even from bob bickle that we're about to see, so this was important. they wanted to end with a very strong compelling witness that directly contradicts the prosecution's medical examiner when he took the stand, he said a number of things like oh, trayvon martin might have been alive for anywhere from one to ten minutes, vincent de mayo said it was more like one to three minutes and he also said that the injuries that zimmerman received were consistent with him being on the bottom and trayvon martin being on top.
>> very, very, extremely compelling witness, i got to say, forensic pathologists, where were the forensic witnesses for the state's case? they just never hoed showed up. this was a very good witness, i don't know if i agree with you that it was good for both. from the way the police treated the ed vidence to testifying th the nose was broken, all the way down to it had to be dislocated. the guy knows what he's talking about. where were these type of witnesses for the prosecution? >> they had the medical examiner, but as we discovered on this show, he was really discredited, there was a tremendous problem with his testimony, the people who were, you know, trying to find something. >> the point is you score another one for the defense. when the defense rests, i got to say at this point, there's not a lot there.
>> he was a pivotal witness. >> i think this was the strongest witness they brought to the stand yet. talk about a way to close the case, it should have been okay, end scene, closing statements. he was really, really good. and that's exactly what they needed. even last week we heard the headlines saying that the witness for the prosecution said these medical injuries were, quote, inconsistent, i thought that o'meara really tore her apart last week. this was the strongest one for the defense. i think this put a bow on it, tied it up and it was consistent with zimmerman's claims. >> i can't keep bob bickle after school for being a very bad boy, i'm going to see if i can educate him. let's listen to dr. vin september de mayo talk about the positioning of the two people. >> the muscle of the gun in this case was two to four inches away from the skin. if you lean over somebody, you
will notice that the clothing tends to fall away from the chest. if instead you're lying on your back and somebody shoots you, the clothing is going to be against your chest. the clothing was two to four inches away. it's consistent with somebody leaning over the person doing the shooting. >> it certainly helped my side on the prosecution. listen, this guy, can i just say this once again? you look at this guy's wounds, he's got a couple of scratches to his head, a baby could do that to him and the poor guy had a broken nose. if this law says you're supposed to be in imminent danger of their death. everybody that gets a scratch and a broken nose, if that's
imminent danger of death, half the country would be dead. >> are you saying that if you're on the ground with someone on top of you, you can't defend yourself? >> the fact is, when i was 18, i could kick my 29-year-old butt. i was in much better shape. >> you could kick your grandmother're butt. >> what he said was that not only were the injuries consistent with the story that george zimmerman has given to the police repeatedly introduced by who? the prosecution. it's a matter of fact if you're getting your head hit against the ground, you're going to -- >> it doesn't matter what i think or what you think, it matters what the six people in the jury if they have a reasonable doubt.
here's a good question, first of all, mark o'mara has just been fantastic at this. this guy is just unbelievable lately. the last five or six days, he's been just on fire. here's the question, though, you're in the jury, right? so second-degree murder is the higher charge, right? >> yes. >> 15 years or so? >> 15 years to life. >> if they don't find second-degree murder then there's manslaughter, but there's a gun involved and the suspect is 18 years old. >> it's more likely a manslaughter, but you give the guy more penalty for the less. i have to acquit. >> that sounds like a sentencing
issue. he could end up with the same amount of time, because according to florida law, you can be held up to life, you could be eligible for parole. but . >> if you don't immediate the burden of proof for the higher charge, is a juror more likely to say i have to acquit because i don't think he's guilty of this but i'm not going to give him more time. >> because the jurors don't have anything to do with the sentencing, and they are not to discuss or advise about sentencing. if they've seen some coverage of this, they're going to know the penalties are roughly the same. >> let's assume this guy gets off. he goes back to being a wannabe cub scout cop. would you like this guy outside to protect you with a gun and the kids are walking around? this guy is a thug, he ain't that senator. >> bob, you're making statements about him, disparaging his
intelligence, you're talking about things that are not even in evidence. >> have you heard him talk? >> i heard his interview with hannity -- >> how can you call him a thug, bob, you said that you believe all of us here would like him to be acquitted. i don't think that's the case at all. i don't think any of us know what happened that night. in fact i know none of us know what happened. we're just trying to flesh out the facts like everybody else. >> i didn't say you all wanted him to, you all predicted he would. >> they all testified that he was on the ground, the thug was not the one on top. >> so what? he didn't do anything to the guy. he broke his nose, that's too bad. >> bob, what you're not understanding is, is that the prosecution has the burden to show that it was unreasonable self-defense, so where in this trial have they demonstrated hatred, ill will. >> manslaughter. >> we're only talking about the
evidence that was presented in front of this jury, based on transcript. >> so you agree bob, that they overcharged this case? >> they did on second-degree murder but certainly not on manslaughter, you got a guy who shoots a kid and he's probably going to walk away, and that's disgraceful, it's disgusting, it's difficult, but that's florida. >> that's what this case is now. >> the guy had no gun, no anything. his fists. are you going to shoot him? >> obviously you have a reasonable fear that of great bodily injury, not only that you're going to die in one second, but great bodily injury. dr. vincent de mayo said that you can sustain fatal injuries by your head hitting the ground like that. >> the point is, i tell you, if this guy walks, there's going to
be trouble down there, because it's going to remind everybody in the south -- >> bob, you talked about how deadly and dangerous football wounds are. how is this any different? >> i didn't say they were deadly, i said there were some people who die. greg, are you waiting to say something? >> i was waiting for you to shut up. >> oh, my god, those are fighting words. >> oh, my god. the two words closing argumentses haarguments have to be the happiest sound the average viewer has heard in the last two years. the one thing we learned in this trial is that it's about a fight. it's about two guys who both of them met on the same night and it went two far. it's not about black, white, hispanic, it's about two guys who used their fist, we're trying to decide who made the mistake. i'm tired of hearing opinions with no backup to it. >> there's probably 1,000 of those a year. >> exactly. >> it probably goes on in every
state. >> but the problem is the media has made it more than just one guy with a gun and one guy with his firsts. >> there should be a second trial, a show trial of every comment tator who has made the most dishonest b.s. is about what happened and their punishment when they're caught is to watch hbo's newsroom. >> after that outrageous attack by greg on me. >> i had to say something. >> okay. you yourself said you had two people who went overboard. >> the way you're arguing it, you even talking about a fight. which is i think the way it should be discussed. then you veered over to there's going to be trouble. >> there shouldn't be. >> it's not white versus black, it's fist versus gun. >> you said that these guys major reacted. one guy overreacted with a handgun, and another guy that overreacted with his fists.
>> ten killed, four injured in chicago over the fourth of july weekend. that has two variables that the media love, and that is race and gun violence. somehow they don't care about that? >> but this also had -- how long was this brewing for months before they actually got zimmerman and picked him up. in the meantime, this was made racial and political. and you're right, greg, typically these cases would be solved in court and we would never talk about them or hear about them but instead this went along racial lines. >> that old guy that cried like a baby, what was his name? >> oh, my gosh, one of his family or friends. >> that was his voice, what do you expect him to say? >> all right, bob. >> the thing is, you're talking about things that happen in a case. these are things that happen in a case. on both sides. >> you're all picking on me. >> bob, because if yourecall, the fbi's expert testified that, no, we can't say who it is on
the na911 call, the people who e best suited are people who know the victim and know the defendant. >> you're argume ee're arguing,t be argumenting this case, you should be arguing that the law is not correct. in any given circumstance where one guy has his fist and the other guy has a gun, the law shouldn't allow the guy to shoot the guy without the gun. the law says it's legal if it goes to -- >> the law says if you're in imminent danger of your live, you can shoot someone. >> and if your head is being beat against the concrete, i bet you're fearing y ining your dea imminent. >> he has a broking nose, his head is being hit against a fence. that testimony is not being contradicted by any other evidence in this case, so you have to deal with that and there
is the problem of self-defense in this country. he doesn't have an obligation to die and just sit there. people go why didn't he pull a gun, he had it in his pocket? bob, you're not a forensic pathologist, are you? >> i teach people forensic path on ology. >> more from the zimmerman trial ahead, but first, nearly four years after the terror attack, the long-awaited ft. hood murder trial began today in texas. we're going to bring you p to speed. and later, if you love george clooney, don't go anywhere. big news from one of hollywood's biggest stars, "the five" returns in a moment. ♪
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most people lose when they get tired of winning, it's just too exhausting to stay on top. as winners choose to be losers, losers are energized. 43 died, every one a child but one. you can credit boco haram. they attack schools because knowledge might shed a light on their beliefs. as kevin williamson the group's name translates -- the educated among us continue to flunk the most basic lesson taught this generation, that there's a bunch of people who really, really want to destroy our way of life. we can try to reason with them and use sensitive words.
what if what's diverse is also vehemently un-american and when they sense an american willing to sacrifice their place at the top, it makes them want that spot even more. bob, you've been following this stuff. this specific group targets schools and kills kids. >> they are a bunch of thugs, murderers and they go after the christian schools, they have done this, they burn them down. we don't do that here, if we burned your mosque you would really be upset. these guys are murders, terrorists and this is what the prophet told you to do, then the prophet was wrong. by the way, is any muslim out there any muslim cleric, any muslim leader say anything about this? no, you're cowardly, because
you're afraid they're going to put a fatwa on you, fatwa this. >> i knew that would rile you. angela, people always talk about the united states wanting to spread democracy, it's not really like that, we actually just want to stop the spread of this. we're not asking for anything special u we just don't want to be killed. >> do we want to spread democracy? because the muslim brotherhood weren't going after schools, but they were allowing the persi persecution of christians, mohammad morsi was pardoning accused terrorists. instead of saying what bob said which is courageous, this administration says we are not at war with radical islamism, we're not at war with them, they're a peaceful religious. we have a shared tolerance. i wish this administration would wake up the way that you have woken up. >> you and me both, peaceful
religion? these guys since they were little kids they were taught how to be terrorists. i don't understand it. by the way it was the muslim brotherhood that was spochblg for bringing those catholic churches in egypt, they said they only looked the other way. why don't you have the courage to look at it and stop it. >> what was the big rush to get the muslim brotherhood in power in egypt them? >> that's a good point. >> leading mubarak in. good job. >> both george bush and barack obama said we want democracy in egypt. well they got it and look what they got. we have got to learn a lesson here that we can't impose our democracy in other countries because you're not going to like what you get. >> let them vote in democracies, let them vote in the muslim brotherhood if they want. but don't give them all the tools to fight us when we don't like what happens over there. >> but when the muslim
brotherhood, when mohammad morsi who represents the muslim brotherhood won in egypt, that was the moment we should have said, okay, fine, you want muslim brotherhood, that's fine, but our foreign aid is cut off, egypt. sorry. >> you cut off the military and you're going to cut off the last friend you got in that country. >> something that will get you even angrier, the shooter in the ft. hood shooting, he's paralyzed so he's going to require 10 to 20 ming breute br for stretching because he's paralyzed. >> what do you have to do stretching for if you're paralyzed? >> i don't know. >> he's going to use this trial, okay, for his own purposes to try and preach jihad, he's going to make a mockery of the legal system and it's our own fault. we are a cowardly to say this is workplace violence instead of jihad right here on our own soil.
and we're treating him, you know, with -- like kids gloves, saying, hey, listen, do whatever you want, make these statements, represent yourself, make a mockery of the court system and the legal system in general and i think it's shameful. dits respectful, it is disrespectful to the victims and their surviving family members. >> but the jury is all officers. >> correct. >> the weird thing is, his defense strategy is the soldiers presented a threat to the taliban heads. that's his defense. that defines a jihadist right there. >> there's no reason that shouldn't be a military -- >> by the nature of his defense, he's defining his crime and what he did. >> can you imagine being the victims and the families of the victims having to sit there and be questioned. >> i think the military's not going to lets this get out of hand. he might try and grandstand to make this a case for jihad, but
the judge is going to slap it down. because you just mentioned his defense, it will be difficult if not impossible to prove what he did. and i say, let him do it. let him explain why he did it. because this is what radical islam is. since our administration doesn't want to talk about it, there he is, he was trying to protect the taliban. >> now it's going to be shameful for the obama administration because -- >> don't give that response. hold on. >> no military decorations or awards. >> to classify it as workplace violence instead of an act of jihad, an act of war, that's the same administration that tried to try khalid shaikh mohammed in new york. >> why wasn't he brought here? >> you think he should be tried
in new york on american soil? >> you think he should get -- >> this is outrageous, hopefully he gets the death penalty. >> i hope the trial goes quickly. a monster in cleveland has -- you'll hear for the very first time from amanda perry, gina dejesus and michelle night when we come back.
. they were freed on may 6 from a decade of hell in a run
down house in cleveland. now we're hearing from the three messages they wanted a short released to the public. >> i want everyone to know how happy i am to be home with my family and my friends. it has been unbelievable. i want to thank everyone who has helped me and my family through this entire ordeal. i'm getting stronger each day and having my privacy has helped immensely. >> i would say thank you for the support. >> i just want everyone to know i'm doing just fine. i may have been through hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. and my feet firmly on the ground. thank you for all your prayers. i'm looking forward to my brand my life. -- brand-new life.
>> they all look so incredible. and it's so great to see them all smiling. the trial for aerial castro starts nec month. jo you know what i like about this is that it wasn't some stage morning show where reporters ask dumb questions. it was on youtube, put it out there, no dumb questions. >> it boggles my mind that this happens in communities where there is no community. there are centers of these cities that are completely barren, they're barren outposts of ghosts where this could happen. nobody knew about this for a decade. it blows my mind. how are cities like this in this day and ages? it's because people are leaving and the people left behind, they have no hope. it's sad. >> if you had anything bad happen today or going forward, all you had to do, eric was look at that video and say so what i
have a flat tire? or so what this happened to me? these women have such positive attitudes about what happened to them. >> a positive note, they did it on youtube. like you said, they didn't have reporters asking stupid questions. it was a controlled environment, that was fantastic. they didn't say anything about the crime so it's not going to affect the jury pool or the trial coming up. michelle knights miscarried after being punched by that dirt ball. so he will be tried for murder and the possible death penalty? ? >> he should be. and that's why it's so trajsic is that michelle is special needs and to think about what the three women meant through and the way he picked on her, it's just, to me, it's reprehensible. >> bob, can you call castro a thug? can you add him to your thug list? >> the thing that's remarkable
about this is how they came through this and articulate that they are. this punk who held them down, i don't care how bad the neighborhood is, somebody's got to know he's in the basement. i don't believe in capital punishment, but this guy ought to be dismembered. >> next month, i'm sensing another trial bob where you can go off and call him a thug. >> i have called him a thug. >> flip the switch on it. >> all right, ahead on the 5, law enforcement in florida prepares for the worst and releases a public service announcement discouraging riots and violence after the zimmerman verdict comes down. it's a responsible message that everyone should hear and we'll play it for you when we come back.
back now to the trial of george zimmerman in florida, the defense could wrap up its case as early as tomorrow. if zimmerman is acquitted of the second-degree murder and manslaughter charges will he ever be able to walk around freely given all the press the case has gotten. >> my client will never be safe because there are a percentage of the population who are angry, they're upset and they may well take it out on him. so he'll never be safe. >> law enforcement in florida are already enkurcouraging peop to remain calm after the verdict. >> we could easily end up arrested. >> i know your patience will be
tested. so no need to act up. >> let it roll off your shoulders as water off your back. >> so let's make the choice to raise your voice and not your hands. >> bob, you're first. >> i think that's -- thank you, i appreciate that. i think that's a good good --. i would strongly suggest that two people i know will jesse jackson and al sharpton, louis farrakhan won't do it, because he wants to see the place burn up. but jesse jackson and al sharpton have a responsibility to ensure that african-americans do not try to react negatively to this. that's what leaders are all about. >> al is a talking head, he's already cooked the books expecting some of this stuff. >> he was out front in the
beginning of this case, we have press conferences with trayvon martin's parents. where is he now? >> does that mean he shouldn't do it now? he can still do it. >> bob, i'm actually agreeing with you. >> is it racist so assume that there's going to be rioting among certain communities. isn't that in itself racist and how come what racism is somehow allowed? i don't know. seems strange. >> what a conundrum. >> it is a conundrum and i don't even know what it means. >> perhaps bob do you think the president should comment on it? he says he doesn't comment on the trials, but he commented on this, he said if he had a son, he would look like trayvon. should he speak up and say something to prevent any violence? >> if he's found not guilty, we all ought to get on tv and say you may not like this verdict but the important thing here is the rule of law and everybody
should remain calm. is it racist? well i think so. >> where will he go? >> nigeria. >> you just mushed three stories together. >> i'm going to say something, and if somebody picks it up. i think you said it. i said i heard casey anthony is going to costa rica. >> and costa rica allows gay marriage. >> maybe we'll cover her on our two-year anniversary. >> we have to save time for this. coming um, bob bickle will attempt to answer two very important questions, number one, could the mcdonald's mcdouble actually save humanity and will little kids actually eat greek yogurt at school?
hi hi ♪(whistling tune) ♪("don't worry be happy")
hello. now, this of course is my segment so there's nothing serious here. a economics blog came out with something that's very important. mcdon nad's mcdouble has protein, fiber, calcium and iron, it's the most nutritious and bountiful food in history. everybody take a bite. you're already healthier. >> the other thing that the obama administration wants to put in school cafeterias is greek yogurt. if you have everybody had greek yogurt you're going to spend the rest of the day in the porcelain thing. >> that's not true. >> this is terrible, somebody eat this stuff. >> of course, give it to the greek. that's one thing greeks do well, drinking, dancing and yogurt.
>> oh, my god. >> i can tell you something else they do good. >> we're not going to be discussing that during this segment. >> democracy, i'm guessing? >> yeah, democracy. >> i'm dead serious, this is so delicious. this is so good. >> what about that? >> and eric -- >> have one of these. >> it's not as good as my aunt, she makes it home made and i used to eat it as a little kid. >> it's not as good as the double cheeseburger. >> these are good, man. >> can i point something out, bob? >> all right. >> this is what freakonomics wrote, you've got protein in the meet, carbohydrates. one simple big mac is everything you need to stay alive, you've got protein in the meat, carbohydrate in the bred, it's truly god's supment for a
healthy world. >> you know, whoever posed the question, probably white bread and he makes a little joke about -- i think it's b.s. i'm telling you, it was a question in their thing that was from reading this book. >> you really ought to have >> i'm not kidding you. >> you're plugging my book, eric. >> i don't want you to plug my book. >> what about the kids in the cafeter cafeteria, would you eat that stuff? >> if they had a choice between a burger and yogurt, of course you're going to choose the burger. >> being with the donnelly family going over the mountains. >> let me say something about mcdonald's, i will stop at the ones in manorville. >> this is another example of porter messing with my head. >> why now? >> what day is it today? >> who's got a spoon? >> what day is it?
>> tuesday. >> what happens on tuesday? >> i fast on tuesday and you do a double food segment on the fast day. >> give me the burger, enough of the greek stuff. >> i'm taking this one. >> i'm going to try this yogurt, just for the kids out there. >> you know that yogurt is very healthy for you. >> fruit is at the bottom, you've got to mix it up, bob, that's why it doesn't taste approximate good. >> look at it. it looks like a -- >> bob, taste it now, it's better. >> is that better? >> it still sucks. >> look, i just got to say one thing. >> i'm going .
uh-oh, somebody has burger regret. >> how many did you have, k kimber kimberly? >> i ate two. >> that's two mcdoubles. >> two mcdoubles on four bread.
i'm preparing myself. >> she's applying makeup on tv. amazing. >> okay. i just want to say something. on a serious note, please. >> please. >> sitting up in the bleachers here for us are two of my oldest and best friends from colleges. i just want to say something about him. there's chuck and -- what's your name again? fred. if you don't have an opportunity to stay in touch with people that you have had relationships with. i urge you all to do this, we forget this in this ages of facebook and stuff. getting together with people and sharing common experience. ourselves were some pretty heavy experiences. but nonetheless, i would urge you all to reach back in your life to find people that you care about. and i care about these guys when we're together and that's important. >> that's night. >> that's very sweet. >> and they're very nice gentlemen. so there's something to be said
for you. >> hanging in there to be your friend all these years. >> don't confess any illegal things. >> we have pictures. >> we don't believe anything. >> bad phrase for today. pay it forward. it's new age gunning that apparently makes it hip to be general rouse. we used to call it religious charity where you did something nice, but now people just think that's hokey and they call it pay it forward. >> didn't they ban that? >> they should have banned it. >> andrea. so we have debated here on "the five" whether or not heaven exists. i read this great book, actually there's two great books that got me through my father's passing, one is "jesus calling" and "proof of heaven."
he got very sick with a rare disease, he passed away and he came back to life. i had him on my radio show. i said what do you tell people who have a fear of death or have lost someone. he said don't be scared. >> i think greg ought to buy it i'll buy it for you. >> very nice. >> so in the true, what one more thing was all about, stories that we don't have time for, a couple of big gun stories, number one illinois the final state in the union to pass concealed carry. governor quinn tried to stop it but the state legislature, believe it or not, overrode the governor's request. and i happened to open up this link on 704 living. take a look at this, armed concealed carry in the american
gun re-loovolution. record sales for ruger and smith & wesson. increased background check. 16.5 million in 2012 and the reason, democrat scandals, irs, nsa and this one, a very important one the ndaa defense authorization act that says if there's a national emergency it gives the president power to override the constitution and has control over our military. >> why don't we go get our guns and strap them on and go to a bar. >> obviously you fell apart during that last segment. >> i wanted to get it. >> somebody could shoot you. >> can they wear those things to church? >> okay, so i put my lip gloss back on for this segment because this is the fox news alert. george clooney is single again. stacy keebler and george, sweet
george broke up. so ladies, all the single ladies. >> he doesn't want to get married. >> >> welcome to ""red eye". this is the third time it appeared this year and in different places, let's go to tv's andy levy, what is coming up in. >> coming up on the big show, did elliott spitzer cry on "morning joe"? he was stuck on "morning joe" and find out a new segment called this week, i'm sorry if you were o fended and the establishment of a national park on the moon. more like on a sound stage